Perth, Western Australia Self-Drive 9 nights 10 days full itinerary in RM3500!

With the road and wind, I managed to drive almost 2000km in Western Australia! One of my bucket list tick off - to be able to drive long distance in another country.
In Malaysia we often see stray dogs being hit on the road, but in Australia, you'll see dead Kangaroos on the road side. Rare sight right? I have my first culture shock right there.

Throughout the 10 days, we drove up North all the way to Nambung National Park for Pinnacles, and all the way down South to Albany. This post will include my daily itinerary, however details of the places will be in a separate post (hopefully).

Breakdown of the total cost for the whole trip, there's 6 of us for the trip and accommodation, wifi rental, etc will be divided by 6.

Air Ticket - RM910 (meal, seat, 20kg baggage and insurance)
Visa - RM40 (through travel agency)
Pocket wifi- RM48 (RM26 per day and RM30 insurance)
Accommodation - RM 906 per person (Total is RM5433)
Transportation - RM500 per person (Total is RM2883)
Food, petrol and entrance fees- RM1000 per person
Grand Total- RM3400 per person 

I rented a 7-seater Toyota Kluger from Hertz website and collected it from the Airport. Pocket wifi is from TravelRecommend and pick up from KLIA2.
The breakdown of the daily accommodation, most of our accommodation are booked through Airbnb website. The reason why Carramar is the cheapest is because it is out of the city, you will be living with the host and there isn't much around that area as well, but it is only RM300 per day for 6!

The main reason why we choose to stay at Airbnb is to be able to cook. Our dinner are mostly prepared at home. Their main supermarket are Woolworths and Coles which closes at 5pm during the weekend. *like seriously?* There goes my second culture shock. Why the shops close so early?! :(

That's about it for the breakdown of the fees.


Day 1 Carramar -> Lancelin -> Nambung for Pinnacles

Reaching Perth airport early in the morning. Pick up car rental and off we go!
Perth to Carramar to put our luggage at our airbnb place and freshen up abit after a long night. Then off to Lancelin Sand Dunes, where you will have to rent a sand board at a general store nearby. (I will include this in another post) After that grab some quick lunch there and head South to Nambung National Park for Pinnacles, if you're not a big fan of nature or flies then you can skip Pinnacles. Then back to Carramar!

Day 2 Perth City 

Spend the morning at Caversham Wildlife Park and then the rest of the day touring Perth city like the Perth Mint and Swan Bell Tower.
You can spend the whole day in Perth city by taking their FREE CAT bus which stops at many main attractions. If you're driving and want a place to park your car, you can choose to park at Queen Garden Carpark (near WACA) for AUD9 for 10 hours. Then you can take the FREE CAT bus there and start touring.

Day 3 Blue Boat House, Kings Park and Fremantle 

Spend the morning taking picture at the blue boat house then quick stroll at Kings Park and head down to Fremantle for Fremantle Prison and market. Dinner at Cicerellos or Little Creatures at Fremantle.

Day 4 Mandurah and Bunbury 

There's nothing much in Mandurah, there's a visitor center there, which has a few shops including Cicerellos, if you have not try it then you can stop here for a quick lunch. The visitor center is like a mini harbor, you can actually enjoy a boat ride here if you want to.
While driving down to Bunbury you might want to make a quick stop at Lake Clifton Thrombolites, it's a living fossil by the lake. Not much tourist visit here but it's really beautiful.
Once you're done then head down to Bunbury Farmer's Market for the freshest vegetables and fruits, where we got the ingredients for our dinner. There's also a lighthouse at Bunbury, where you can just enjoy the sunset there. There's a Dolphin discovery center at Bunbury, if you have the time to visit.

Day 5 Busselton Jetty and Margaret River 

1.8km long Busselton Jetty stretch all the way out to the sea. Then continue South to Margaret River. There's a lot of free wine tasting, chocolate factories and nuts & cereal factories along the way to Margaret River. You can choose a few to stop by depending on your preference. All we did is just stop at random places that have lots of car.

Day 6 Jewel Cave and Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse 

All the way down South to the most South West point of Australia- Cape Leeuwin!
While you're there, you should definitely stop by at Blue Ocean Fish & Chips which offer the best food and service!

Day 7  Pemberton Visitor Centre - Bicentennial Tree (Warren Forest)

Moving into the forest! Where we stopped by at the visitor center to get our car pass to be able to enter the national parks. The Bicentennial Tree, is a huge tree where you can climb all the way up by a few poles stuck into the tree trunk. Sorry I didn't have the guts to climb all the way up.

Day 8 Walpole, Denmark and Albany

Before leaving Walpole, stop at the Nornalup National Park to walk with the trees! It's called the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, like the name, you will walk at the same height of the trees! The scariest part of the bridge is that.. it feels extremely unstable. Have a quick stop at Denmark, a small cozy town, spend some time at the secondhand shop and send out some postcard there too!
Then tour around Albany which deserve another separate post because that place is BEAUTIFUL!

Day 9 Albany to Perth 

Check out from Albany and drive all the way back to Perth for a 5 hours drive. Stopped by at some small town to have some quick lunch. Then back to Perth.

Day 10 Perth to Malaysia

That's it for my 10 days self drive trip in Western Australia! It's a rather chill and relaxing trip and suitable if you're traveling with parents or kids.



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