Lobbster Trap, Lancelin Western Australia

Got too hungry after the Sand Dunes at Lancelin and craving for some food? 
This small cafe named Lobbster Trap is a great choice if you're around the area, located right opposite of the Lucky 7 general store. 
They provide food such as burgers, pasta and sandwiches. 

The ambience there is really cosy, with a garden full of trees. Every corner is so picture worthy! Even the food plating is pretty enough to make the picture instagram-able!

The price range for the food are around 20 AUD to 40 AUD depending on what you ordered. The menu changes every now and then, depending what's written on the board. There's also some fixed menu that are always served there. Head over to their website to find out more.

Here comes the food!
Rock Lobster Bruschetta, I mean nothing really go wrong with Lobster!

Tuscan Lobster Linguine taste amazing and i can't get enough of this pasta!

Moroccan Chicken served with pomegranate couscous is my favorite! The chicken is really flavorful which is a match with the couscous. I've never tried couscous with pomegranate, surprisingly taste great!

Our lunch was 115 AUD in total, for the lobster and the ambience, it's really worth the price. 

Their opening hours are from 8am to 3pm from Thursday - Tuesday, closed on Wednesday.
Lobbster Trap: Facebook / Website



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