One day at Lancelin Sand Dunes and The Pinnacles, Western Australia

A more detailed post on spending the day at Lancelin Sand Dunes and The Pinnacles, Western Australia.

As mentioned from my previous post, we travel around with a rented car, which make things 10 times easier and convenient. We went to Lancelin and The Pinnacles the day we touched down at Perth Airport, then spend the night at Carramar, a small town around 40 minutes North from Perth city.

Upon reaching at Lancelin, you would wonder where to rent a sand board for the sand dunes?
Fret not cause there's a general store that rent out sand boards there. Just search for Lucky7 (click for map) general store like the picture below.

They provide rental service at 10 AUD per sand board for 2 hours, which is more than enough because you probably won't spend too long with the sand board. It's also not necessary to rent one sand board per person! If there's 6 of you, maybe 2 or 3 is enough and you can take turns to use it!

Once you're done renting the sand board, then you're ready to head over to the Sand Dunes which is another 10 minutes drive away! Make sure you parked your car at the correct place, the get to the sand dunes you would have to drive through some sandy road before reaching.

Then you're ready to have some fun time! Even the weather was extremely sunny, the sands were exceptionally cold, which surprised me!
One important tip: When you rent the sand board, they will give you some wax for the sand board. Make sure to FULLY wax the back of your sand board before sliding down, or else it won't really slide.

Once you're done with sand boarding, head back to the general store to return the sand boards. 
There's a cafe called Lobster Trap right opposite of the store. Which I think provides pretty decent food! Head over to my post to read a more detailed review. 

After lunch it's almost time to move on to The Pinnacles which is an hour drive away. To get to The Pinnacles, you would have to pay an entrance fee of 12 AUD per vehicle to get into the Nambung National Park.

Being at The Pinnacles actually explain how does all these exist. How amazing the nature is. You can actually drive right into the Pinnacles road and get real close with it.
The view is actually pretty amazing~ The Pinnacles drive is actually a big loop surrounding the area, just have a slow drive there and enjoy the view. 心灵会被治愈~

After The Pinnacles, we head back to Carramar to have a quick dinner and spend the night chilling and relax after a long day.

To know the full 10 days itinerary of my Western Australia Self Drive Trip, head over here to read more!



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