One Piece Tower @ Tokyo Tower

Every fan of One Piece should definitely stop by at One Piece Tower which is also known as Tokyo Tower.
The admission price for the One Piece Park is 3,200 yen including a LIVE show and admission to the attraction. 2,200 yen if you're not interested in the Live Show. Before deciding to watch the Live Show, me and my friends did some research on whether it's worth the price and we definitely didn't regret giving that extra 1000 yen for the show. The characters are all great performers and fully brings out the characters' personalities. I won't put any spoiler here but I definitely recommend the show even if you're not a fan of One Piece!

The park is 3 floors full of attraction and art work for all One Piece fans! There's a dedicated attraction for each main character, and my favorite attraction will be Nami's cause I love to gamble :P Zorro's one is really nice too. You also get to win some mini prizes if you won some of the games.

Third floor is a gallery full of the art works for One Piece. You can take all the photos you want there! Make sure there's enough memory for your phone or camera!

If you're interested in seeing the view of Tokyo from a higher point, the admission price to the main observatory is 900 yen for Tokyo Tower. It's my second time up at the observatory and Tokyo's view really won't disappoint me.

Do make your way to Tokyo Tower/One Piece Tower if you're in town! Especially if you're a fan of One Piece, make sure you don't miss it! 



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