Jonlivia ActivSinglet review

Pretty sure you would have heard of Jonlivia if you're an exercise junkie or someone that are looking for faster ways to lose those fats! 

Recently received this Jonlivia ActivSinglet, which are made of Neoprene. Cut the scientific name, it's material is similar to swimsuit but i felt that it's slightly thicker than normal swimsuit. 

I got mine in S size, for waist 26 to 32 inch, but to be honest it's slightly too big for me so it didn't really wrap my waist that well. Otherwise it's a pretty great product in my opinion. 


Size is slightly too big for S size.


1. The back pocket! It's really convenient to keep your keys or phone. 
2. The thickness of the singlet. Some people might not like the thickness, but personally I like it cause it'll help me sweat more. 
3. Flexible and stretchable. 

They do offer 4 different sizes from S to XL, and retailing at RM138 per Singlet. 
Check out more at Jonlivia ActivSinglet :) 



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