Fernleaf UHT #100Mmmmm From New Zealand

What do you normally have during breakfast? Probably not only breakfast, when you're feeling a little empty on your stomach. Milk will always be my go-to for a quick boost!

I'm pretty sure as a Malaysian, there's no doubt that you'll heard of Fernleaf. At least for me, I have been drinking Fernleaf since I was young.

The Fernleaf UHT milk all came from grass-fed dairy cows! Most importantly they are all free to roam outdoors and get to graze high quality fresh grass, which means the milk the cows produce are all in great quality too. 

The milk are acquired naturally by dairy expert to make sure that the milks are in tip top condition and of course without harming the cows during the process as well.

Fernleaf UHT promises that their products are all made with 100% Milk from New Zealand! Well isn't that a good thing to know as many companies rarely specify where their products are from, but knowing Fernleaf has such confident to say that their products are 100% from New Zealand. 

Be it the best choice to start your day or before you go to bed at night. I personally think that Fernleaf is definitely the best choice. Most importantly it is 100% Mmmmm yummy to drink! 

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