Master Pasto Instant Pasta Review

Hello! It's a rare occasions for me to be reviewing on food. But I've recently found out that there's actually instant pasta in the market which I have never heard of.

I mean, pasta is already easy to make and cook. But now it's even easier to make with the existence of instant pasta. Master Pasto is made by Lioco Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. and it is based in Penang and most importantly it is certified Halal. If you're looking for ready to eat meal in Malaysia, here's another choice for you!
Master Pasto claimed that with the 3-Minute Wonder, and easy to prepare meal, you can have your the best spaghetti ready on the table.

So how does the 3-minutes wonder work? 
1. Open up the box and there are 2 silver package that can resist high temperature, making it easy to reheat the pasta.
2. So there are 2 ways of reheating it.

  • Pour everything out on the plate, mix it well and microwave heat it. 
  • Put the sauce and pasta silver packets into a boiling hot water pot and the pour it out and it’s ready to serve. 

Currently Master Pasto only serves 3 different flavours of pasta which are Bolognese, Carbonara and Aglio Olio. Hopefully they would have more choices in the future!

So here's my final thoughts on it: 
1. It is really easy to make, I find myself wanting to eat it whenever I'm feeling lazy at home and doesn't want to go out for food or to cook and wash the dishes.
 2. The taste of the sauce was a little too salty for my preference, but the package claim that they are free of MSG. But it taste a little better once I’ve added a little bit of water in to heat with. Oh and also there are real minced meat in the sauce and mushrooms in it as well! They do use real ingredients for it.
3. The noodles are a little too undercooked in my opinion, unless you like your noodles adante which I’m not a big fan of. Otherwise just heat it longer than the suggested time to soften it more.
4. In conclusion it is a good substitution for instant noodles, at least it is healthier and is also fast and easy to prepare. Definitely a good souvenirs to buy in Malaysia if you’re in the country.

You can head on to their website Master Pasto to find out more about the products!



  1. Buy only imported Italian pasta, and make sure it is made in Italy (the pasta package could say "Imported from Italy", but actually made somewhere else). Do not trust huge companies like Barilla, that actually make their pasta locally. chicken bacon ranch pasta


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