Omurice @ Taimeiken, Nihombashi (たいめいけん)

Heaven for all Omurice fans!
Tried out this place in Tokyo,Nihombashi back in July 2017 since me and my friends were craving for Omurice. I mean, well, Omurice IS from Japan, so it's one of the dish you shouldn't miss out when you're in Japan. So we Googled for the best Omurice in town and came across Taimeiken(たいめいけん), Nihombashi and decided to make our way there.

We didn't make any reservation and reached the place around 5pm and still had to wait for another 15 to 20 minutes to be seated. By the time we finish, there's a queue waiting outside already!

Their main dish is obviously Omurice, but they do serve other types of dishes like Spaghetti and Ramen.
They do provide English menu for tourists so make sure to ask the waiter/waitresses for it and don't get intimidated by those Japanese menu outside!

There are many different type of Omurice to choose from, but the classic one would be Tampopo (タンポポオムライス), which got the name from a Japanese film. Tampopo actually means Dandelion, which I have no idea how they decide to name it after a flower. I'm guessing because of the color. HAHAHA

The Tampopo rice cost 1950 yen (approx. RM80), which is quite pricey even in Japan, an average meal would only cost around 1000 yen. The portion is actually quite big, if you're a small eater, share it with someone else!
Taste wise, I wouldn't say the taste blew me away, but the visual did a pretty great job, especially when you cut the egg into half and see the "fuwa-fuwa"(fluffy) half cooked egg flip out.

I would say go for it if you're around the area and have some extra money in hand to try this out.

Taimeiken is only a few minutes walk away from Nihombashi Station.

Address: 1-12-10 Nihombashi, Chuo 103-0027, Tokyo



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